Sawing Lumber

Have logs to be sawn for fencing, woodworking, or any other project?

  • We can saw your logs at my facility or at your place on our band saw mill with the following services:
    • We can saw logs up to 16 ft. + long and give you any size boards
    • We have a high yield from logs due to thin saw blades used
    • We will flat saw or grade saw your logs
    • We can edge your boards for you

Custom Sawing

We can saw large beams, thin wood for contour forms, create hollow posts, mantle ledges, etc.

Drying Lumber

We can dry your lumber after sawing in our high quality dehumidification kiln under controlled conditions down to 6-8% moisture levels, ready for top grade woodworking. We do not push the lumber while drying, so it comes out of the kiln more stable and has less chance of defects.

We can dry up to 3,000 board feet at a time, but if you only have a small amount of boards dried, I will combine it with other cusomer orders.